Message To Readers

Message To Readers

Ines Cano Uribe has extensive experience in managing training courses, having worked in this capacity for ten years. She has also experienced working in a foreign country, having been assigned by her former British company to move to Spain for a while to oversee the company’s office there. But for Ines, her true passion was always in counseling and therapy—or matters related in this field.

This website is also where readers will get to talk to her on a more personal level. She hopes to build a community of like-minded people right here; especially women. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re in at the moment. That’s the beauty of the Internet; you get to connect with anyone and everyone in real time regardless of distance or location.

You can also connect with others through here. Whatever you wish to say or share, know that you are welcome and that your voice matters here. The only restriction is to refrain from using foul, profane, or harmful language. Be encouragers and supporters for one another. That’s what Ines always says to everyone she talks to.

In the meantime, feel free to keep in touch with her through here.

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If you wish to share something with all her readers, you are encouraged to write an original post of no more than 500 words and submit it here. Once your post has been read and reviewed by Ines, you may find it published on the blog page here. Please be reminded that publishing of guests posts may take awhile.

For more on Ines Cano Uribe, BSc Psychology, please visit her About page on this site.