Ines Cano Uribe on Factors to Consider for First-time International Travelers

For Ines Cano Uribe, traveling gives you opportunities to experience new things as well as learn more about yourself. These experiences become more profound for first-time travelers. If you are traveling overseas for the first time, consider these factors to help you facilitate your travel plans.

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1. Where do I want to go? This may seem like a given, but when you truly think about it, your answer here will pretty much lay down the experiences that you will have. For instance, traveling to Asia could mean exploring the temple ruins in Cambodia, the floating markets in Thailand or Vietnam, or enjoying the colorful blooms of Japan’s famous cherry blossom trees. So where do you want to go?

2. How many days or weeks will I spend at my trip destination? The time that you plan to dedicate to your trip abroad will also affect your experiences in that you should work on your itinerary based on your schedule. For first-time travelers, “less is more” is ideal. Pick out a few favorite attractions and take the time to enjoy every one of them.

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3. Should I travel with the tourist crowd or go during low season? Traveling when tourists will also be flocking to your destination could mean everything will be more expensive, from airfare to accommodations, to local services. On the other hand, it could also mean that festivals, celebrations, and other perks (usually only available during peak season) will be there for you to experience and enjoy. For more solitude, travel during low season.

These three questions should be able to help you get started on your travel plans. And remember, planning ahead is the key to a stress-free holiday.

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