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This blog page is dedicated to topics on psychology and the things that comprise Ines’ life; her hobbies and interests, travel adventures, food recipes, movies, salsa dancing.

Ines knows that as a clinical psychologist, she will be able to help individuals struggling with personal issues better understand themselves and where their issues are coming from. This understanding can eventually help them live more fulfilling lives—one that nurtures the self and others, and builds mutual relationships.

The world today has become so fast-paced that one hardly ever has the time to pay attention to his or her personal needs. And when your needs get buried under all the obligations and responsibilities calling for your attention at the same time, a breakdown is almost inevitable.

When you always put others’ needs above your own, anger and resentment may eventually rear their ugly heads. When this happens, issues that have been swept under the rug can suddenly come up all at once. It’s an all-too-common occurrence, especially in families where both parents are working practically 24/7 to support the family and provide for the children’s needs. And who gets caught in the middle of all this drama? The kids.

This is but one scenario among many others that are happening on a daily basis. And if these issues remain unresolved, you and everyone around you will get affected in a way that could seriously damage your relationships.

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