About Ines Cano Uribe

About Ines Cano Uribe

Ines Cano Uribe

Ines Cano Uribe, a BSc Psychology graduate, working towards specializing in the field of clinical psychology. She has a master’s degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid from a top university in Spain. Finished her BSc Psychology in the UK, and now finishing couple of subjects to get the validation into the Spanish system.

Life in Spain

For ten years, she managed training courses to empower members of underprivileged and unemployed communities. This is where she found joy, working with people who truly needed help. She enjoys helping others in such a way that they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to find and grab opportunities for a better life—for themselves and their families.

Having spent ten years of her life exposed to the dire situations of underprivileged communities, Ines continued to have a strong desire to learn more about how the human mind works—what compels it to think the way it does; its trigger factors, its reward systems, and its capacity to be compassionate, understanding, and forgiving.

Ines Cano Uribe, BSc Psychology

Today, Ines is focused on becoming a licensed and professional clinical psychologist. She is currently enrolled at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

If there’s anything you’d like to ask Ines, please feel free to contact her through this site.