Ines Cano Uribe, BSc Psychology

Ines Cano Uribe, BSc Psychology

Ines Cano

Ines Cano Uribe, a BSc Psychology graduate, working towards specializing in the field of clinical psychology.

Ines has always been interested in psychology. There’s something about studying the connection between the human mind and behavior that fascinates her. Understanding the psychological basis of behavior is something that Ines Cano Uribe wishes to explore and focus on.

Once she becomes a licensed clinical psychologist, Ines intends to pursue a career where she can help others cope with their personal struggles through therapy.

She believes that in helpings others not only cope with their personal struggles, but also fully understand the underlying causes of their behavior, people will learn to appreciate themselves and their efforts in living life as best they could. In doing so, they can appreciate everyone around them more, especially loved ones in their immediate circle.

Does genetics play a vital role in a person’s behavioral patterns ( which usually manifest in all stages of lifespan development)? How mush is a person in control of their mental capacities, and how much of these are heavily influenced by external factors? Is a person genetically wired to display certain behaviors, such as good ones or bad ones? All of these questions, and more are what keep Ines deeply fascinated and interested in Psychology.

Other Interests

Apart from psychology, this blog will share her other interests such as: favorite food, inspirational figures, and favourite movies. Her favorite types of foods include Mexican, Vietnamese, Iranian, and Peruvian.

Ines will share her favorite movies like Never Ending Story, Back to the Future, Zoolander (which she think is ultimately hilarious), and Will Ferrell movies. These movies all shape Ines Cano’s personality, and you will get an inside look of who Ines Cano Uribe is by reading this blog.

You will learn that one of her inspirational figures are Frida Khalo, Maria Theresa of Calcutta, and Alexander Flemming (just to name a few).

With that being said, you are encouraged to read and find out more about Ines Cano Uribe, you are invited to visit her About page on this site.